JFV Associates provides a complete range of Business Technology services so you can off-load your back-office distractions and focus on your business. Key service offerings include:

Office Automation and Support

Opening a new office?  Expanding your current one?  Just tired of dealing with techno-folks?  We can outfit your office with the latest computers and office software.  Save money by leveraging internet technology to provide file sharing, e-mail, backup services and more.  Need printers, scanners, postage solutions and more to keep your office going?  From individual workstations to complete office solutions, we can keep your business running while giving you the competitive advantage of collaboration tools, business applications and more.  Let us help you stay connected with mobile access through laptops, tablets and smart phones.  We’ll customize an office automation plan to meet your unique business needs.  Ongoing support is also available at competitive hourly rates or via monthly fixed fee contracts.

Business Technology Leadership

Are you trying to make technology investment decisions for your small to medium-sized business?  Why not let  us worry about the technology issues so you can focus on your core business?  We can provide part-time Chief Information Officer (CIO) assistance to help drive your technology projects and deal with the day-to-day operational concerns.  Need a new telephone service? Let us sort through the options, present them to you objectively, and let you make the decisions. When it comes to telecommunications and technology services we’ll even negotiate terms to get you the best possible deal with the right service levels for your budget.  Get the right technology to keep your business running smoothly.

Information Technology Strategy

Is your business growing faster than your technology?  Let us help you build a multi-year strategy tailored to your business that will help you drive your business plan and bring visibility to your budget.  We can also help you to achieve that strategy through our Business Technology Consulting services.

Outsourcing Assistance and Vendor Management

Planning on outsourcing your support, procurement, telecommunications, etc.?  We can create a custom Request for Proposal (RFP) that will help you get the best value from a competitive bid process.  Our fully-facilitated process allows you to make the decisions without the tedious administrative effort.  We’ll also negotiate on your behalf to make sure your deal is competitive within your industry.  Let us do the hard work to get you the best services at the best price.  After a successful contract process, we can even manage the vendors for you to ensure you get the services and outcomes you expect.

Web Presence

Need visibility on the web?  We can provide customized web sites, blogs and shopping sites.  Depending on the complexity of the site, we look to set up self-managed sites that our clients can keep current very easily, with no technical expertise and significantly minimized cost.  If you prefer, we can manage every aspect of your site including e-marketing, preferred listings on search engines, and more.

Web and Applications Design

Want easy-to-navigate web sites and applications?  Your audience should quickly and easily find key information.  They should leave your site with the message you want to convey.  Your employees should learn your applications quickly and spend their time performing their jobs instead of struggling with confusing data entry and reference screens.  With over twenty-five (25) years of interface design experience, we can boost your image and streamline your operations.

Photography and Video

Portraits, product shots and views of your facility are crucial to giving potential customers, clients or contributors a look at who you are and what you can offer.  We provide expert photographic services that are designed to fit the tone of your business and the theme of your web site.  Video services are also available to create embedded commercials, YouTube content, PodCasts and more to showcase your business.

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